DK Leather Family


The Household of Master David and Mistress Kismet is a 24/7 real-time, service oriented, loving M/s family located on 11 scenic acres in Central Vermont. Our family also includes one collared slave, Marie.

The DK Leather Family is not accepting applications for additional servants at this time.


We started Our journey in 2005 as a Master/slave couple, evolving in Our leather journey and identities into a Master/Mistress couple in 2008.

Master David is a heterosexual, dominant sadist, with over 20 years experience developing his mastery.

Mistress Kismet is a pansexual, dominant sensual sadist. She entered the leather lifestyle in 2005 as Master David's collared slave, submissive only to him and encouraged to develop mastery in her own right.

Marie is a bisexual female servant with 20 years of experience in D/s and M/s relationships, and the public bdsm lifestyle. Marie accepted her collar and position within the DK Leather Family on April 12, 2009


The structure of Our house includes two Owners and one slave. Master David is the head-of-household and all final decisions reside with him. Mistress Kismet serves as the Junior Master, autonomous but deferrential to the more experienced Master David.

Marie is jointly owned and serves Master and Mistress as slave, pet, companion, and is a valued contributing member of the family.

The D&K Leather Family has a series of household manuals, in powerpoint presentation form, describing Our protocols, rules, guiding principles and philosophies. We are moderate in protocols, realistic in Our expectations and pursue happiness with abandon.

Core Beliefs

We believe that the foundation of a loving, functional M/s household includes:

-- Simple rules and realistic expectations

-- A commitment to transparency by all members

-- Solid structure without rigidity

-- Open communication

-- Fair discipline and rewards for the slave

-- Integrity and leadership from the Master & Mistress

-- A generous amount of affection and fun

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