The Finch Den


Description of Household
The Finch Den is home to Ruby Finch and her henchmen, the O'Finch Mob.

Current size of Household
Although it has, at times, been larger, the mob currently has only one active member, housegirl and jester Lilly O'Finch.
Lilly has been an Aspiring Mobster (collar of consideration) since 2005.

Description of Household
Mobsters serve full or part time, depending on the need for their specialties. Mobsters live in the Den or in close proximity; close enough to be on call. Mobsters providing sexual service are female or feminine enough to attract Ms. Finch. To the extent that it does not compromise service, the gender/genders of mobsters not providing sexual service is/are irrelevant.

The organizing principles of the mob are functionality and delight.

Ms. Finch retains the mob in order to achieve things she would not be able to achieve alone, and to amuse herself.

Mob members band together under Ms. Finch's direction for their mutual protection, for emotional and physical support, and to bring joy to each other and to their lady.

Protocols in the mob are fluid and change in response to circumstances and Ms. Finch's mood.

The single rule of the mob is that what delights Ms. Finch is good and what does not is bad.

Ms. Finch's pledge to the mob is that she will never disguise her reactions and will spare neither the carrot nor the stick.

Mobsters tend to be highly creative, receptive to change, and adept at operating under conditions of uncertainty. Aspirants without these qualities find Finch Den frustrating and do not stay.

The Den has existed in one form or another since 2004.

It is currently located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Additional contact info (email, etc.)
You may reach Ms. Finch at