House of KAOS

Master KAOS has graciously provided us with his complete Household Manual which can be downloaded as a PDF.

The following are excerpts from that Manual:

The House of KAOS - Description

The House of KAOS is a real world 24/7, Poly, M/s House run by myself, Master KAOS, and supported by my collared slave hannah and various house servants.

Our House is a dynamic and ever evolving environment. We as a collective are constantly growing, and looking to improve.

Vision Statement

As a vision for the future the Master intends to acquire a piece of property in a warmer climate than NY (possibly in the SE USA or maybe in the EU) where zoning and BDSM laws are forgiving, outside of a major city that presently doesn't have a dungeon outside of it, and open a bed and breakfast/community center/BDSM dungeon/resort and possibly one day set the stage for a leather family to include other houses as well as continue to help educate and bring others into the kink lifestyle.

Mission Statement

The House of KAOS is a currently expanding BDSM oriented estate of like minded and well tempered individuals who exist in an ethical, harmonious, Poly-Fidelity, Master/slave environment. 

We are education focused concerning the BDSM community and seek to provide a favorable environment and excellent education of best practices to help others discover and explore on their individual journeys. 

To achieve this we seek to serve the wants of the Master, as well as the needs of the House while we continually grow, enrich, and better ourselves and our crafts.

House Goals

Under the guidance of the Master, each House member will develop a self betterment program that will consist of an overarching larger goal, five to ten medium sized, prioritized goals that can be rotationally worked on daily (each with smaller mini goals), a personalized mantra, daily maintenance rituals and expectations within the House, daily journal responsibilities, accountability and tracking tools for goal progress, and when a training collar/token is earned, a special service assigned by the Master that is unique to the individual that is to be performed daily. 

This program is based entirely upon the 1000 hour Self Betterment program taught by Master KAOS and begins custom development upon the date of the official consideration period or earlier.

For Further Information Contact Master KAOS on FetLife