House Metta


Household Description

House Metta is a real time Ms House (consensual power exchange tribe) in the central Ohio area.

The House was created to allow for safe authentic self expression of Masters and slaves, Dominants and submissives. This is done via real time experience in a Ms setting.

Skills and protocol are taught, but these are tools to allow you the freedom to be a submissive, to be a slave, or to be a dominant or master. These are not small task to open yourself up to.

Via Mentoring and House association, we assist people via up front and honest information and to provide a safe environment to explore.

Regarding training, I (Dan) "take this seriously. I am not in it to get laid or to get play dates. I have no ego to stroke nor desire to have either a harem or to play 'I have more slaves than you do'. This allows me to train submissives without any expectations of them except to become an actual slave or submissive". An associate with the House for as long as they feel it fits.

More about the House can be found on our Website - which explains what House Metta is, what we do, what we believe in, and more.

The House was built based on the real life experience of the founders, Dan and dawn, a Ms couple with over a decade together.

Although Dan and dawn are also known for their experience with Sacred Sexuality and polyamory, neither of these need be directly part of the House Metta.

Why "Metta"?

For our House, we are using the term Metta as it refers to selfless service. It combines the ideals of allowing your dominant or submissive nature to flourish in a protected environment as well as includes elements of the principles of the House - respect, honor, and growth.


Head-of-Household - Dan

Domme being mentored - Amanda

Domme being mentored - Sheri

Alpha slave/collared to Dan - dawn

Submissive in training/collared to Dan - jem

I. Guiding Principles

There are a number of Ms Houses in the nation. Each with their own set of principles. These are principles that members of our House follow.

Respect - for yourself, for those in servitude to you and in relationships with you, and for the life you have chosen

Honor - be true to yourself and to your ethics. Do not misunderstand that the terms of Ms to imply that you can treat others with less than the honor that all humans deserve

Growth - Take the hard path. Push, reach, strive, and grow. Always face forward and walk toward your desire with courage.

II. Mentoring

We place great value in peer mentoring. We believe by definition that mentors are people who have had similar experiences - someone who has been in your shoes.

Mentors do not tell you what to do, but instead lead by example and share experience. A mentor, in a Ds or Ms context, is someone who is going to assist you along your way in exploring this alternative lifestyle. They are someone who has been around for a while and who has already had some of the experiences that you might encounter. Although reading certain lifestyle books is a great way to gain knowledge and message boards can offer opinions, often you'll find they conflict, or simply don't apply to your life. There is a great value in having someone who can say "I have been there, and here is what I did, and how it went".

You'll want a mentor who has some experience - some time under their belt in situations like you'll be facing. But a mentor is also someone you can trust. Someone you can explore yourself in the mirror and say "Look what I found, what do you think?"

Mentors are most effective when they are peers. Often, I've heard of Masters willing to mentor slaves, but to me, it would be better said that they are either training or acting as an advisor. Masters & Mistresses/Dominants should mentor other Masters & Mistresses/Dominants; submissives and slaves should mentor other submissives and slaves. The logic to that seems straight forward to us - if a slave has uncertainty about why a master is doing something, then talking to another slave about it can be a safe place to share his/her concerns or doubts. And only another slave is going to be able to answer "when that happened to me, my experience was "

And the shoe fits both ways - there is no reason that masters/mistress should not rely on each other for the same support. Too often we 'capital letter types' get concerned with how we will be perceived instead of accepting the reality that being a Master/Mistress is a full time and serious responsibility.

III. Courtesy

Members of House Metta come from a variety of backgrounds. We strive toward different things, have various goals and courtesy systems, and different training methodologies. But one thing that makes us a House is that we share some common courtesies. "

Community Etiquette - Members of House Metta do not take sides in matters pertaining to different lifestyle groups (except where appropriate , for ex. if a House member is in a leadership role in a group). We do not engage in open gossip or rumor mongering. We make our decisions and beliefs known by our choices and actions, not a series of "he said/she said" or "our house is better than your house" "

Dungeon Etiquette - Do not engage in social conversations in play areas (dungeons). Do not use this time to hold court. Use the provided social areas for social activity. This is an old idea that used to be common knowledge and, unfortunately, is becoming more and more rare. We also always respect others toys (including subs) and stay out of other peoples space (physically and energetically).


House Metta gives back to the community by freely offering a variety of public workshops, a place for discussions (M/s chats), and shared learning on various subjects. Most of what we do focuses on living a D/s and M/s as a lifestyle. The above are open to the public and dates and times can be found on the calendar. House Metta also provides a variety of private events for members.

Contact Info

Dan and dawn: