House Port of Heart

Household Description and Size

House Port of Heart is a real-time 24/7 Gorean Outpost Household, encompassing the core Gorean values and philosophies set forth by nature and documented in the novels by John Norman.

It was founded by Master Turiag.

Its current members are: Master Turiag, Kitten; Free Companion to Master Turiag, Cienna, Kajira to Master Turiag and the House.

All are members of the community in good standing identifying with Gorean Master/slave dynamic and core Gorean philosophy and principles.

Orientation: Straight to flexible. Male Master/female submissive/slave, Male work slaves.

Mission Statement/Goals:

1. To educate and mentor individuals in the Gorean philosophies as well how to maintain the natural integrity of the Master/slave dynamic with said philosophies.

2. To evolve within, and grow from and in a Gorean standpoint using nature order and biology as a grounds for a healthy household.

3. To host and assist in hosting off-line Gatherings of the Gorean Community to further camaraderie, learning, knowledge and social interactions.

Household Protocols

Gorean Philosophy and basic rituals as per Gorean practice. Said rituals and protocols are evolving as per need and individual desire of the Master.

House Codes

Honor, Integrity and Natural Order

Skill/Talents Nurtured:

Gorean Master Kajira Mentoring. Slave dance/ Gourmet cooking/ pleasure slave training/ Gorean protocols/ Philosophy.

Physical Location

Long Island, NY

Contact info

E-mail for information and Current gatherings: