House of Aquila

Description of Household

House of Aquila was founded in 2017 by Sir Tolly and his slave robin.

We are a Leather House with consensual M/s dynamic maintained full time. Our emphasis is on teaching and serving within our community The current size of this house is 3 members. 1 Master, 1 slave and 1 Dom in training. We are always looking for those of like mind and spirit.

Our Vision Statement

To teach those willing to learn. to create a space that all in our community feel welcome, To mentor and help others on both sides of the dynamic, to offer solid council based on truth and experience for those who seek advice and to encourage others to become leaders, to learn from them and to teach them with solid leather principles and foundations.

Household Goals

Our Household goal is to make a positive difference in the lives we touch through teaching.

Structural Model


Physical Location

Azle Texas USA

Web Address