House of Dai Bando


Household Description

The House of Dai Bando is a Master/slave centric power exchange household located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Head of Household is Master Don (known as “Dai Bando”), who is the Master/Owner of his property, who is tia (known as “MysticalTi”). There are two additional members of the Household: Mistress Sharia and BlackEaglespet.

Mission Statement

"“Even though words are important, if we choose to talk the talk, then we are committed to walk the walk because actions speak louder than words.”

The Mission of the House of Dai Bando:

1. Each person in this relationship must commit to themselves and the other person to be honest and open in their communications what they require and desire from themselves and their partner.

2. Each person in this relationship must actively strive to assist their partner in attaining their established goals, dreams and desires as humanly possible.

3. Each person in this relationship must clearly convey their hopes, dreams, fears, goals, desires and concerns to the other person so their partner has a better understanding of how they can help.

4. Each person in this relationship must actively participate every single day in this Power Exchange dynamic in making this dynamic work.

The Goals for our Master/slave Dynamic:

These will be things that MUST be stressed as a daily requirement:

1. This will be FUN! We are to enjoy this, not dread it.

2. To build TRUST in both of us for each other.

3. To build better, open, honest COMMUNICATIONS.

4. To build the ability to have our NEEDS met between us.

5. To adhere to the Rules, Structure and Protocols that binds us.


It is the GOAL of the Master and the slave in this relationship to be able to grow and attain happiness.

It is the GOAL of the Master and the slave in this relationship to fulfill the needs and desires of each other to the best of their abilities.

It is the GOAL of the Master and the slave in this relationship to create and maintain a Power Exchange dynamic.

The Rules of the House of Dai Bando

1. You are Master’s Property and will behave in a manner acceptable and pleasing to him.

2. You will always obey Master’s orders, rules and protocols or willingly accept the consequences.

3. You will always speak in a respectful manner and tone to Master.

4. You will always stay in contact and inform Master of your plans, schedules and any travel.

5. You will always be ready and prepared by the time Master has established a deadline.

Who We Are: Our Responsibilities as Master and slave to Each Other

With the acceptance of her collar and recognition as being “owned” by her Master, Master Don and tia enter into an exchange together whereby tia consensually agrees to provide obedience and service to her Master and Master Don is responsible for providing physical, emotional, social, spiritual and financial well-being to his slave.

My slave’s overriding requirements in this relationship are:

1) To obey my instructions implicitly, whether verbally issued or by being trained…

2) To provide me with companionship, intellectual stimuli and sexual satisfaction…

3) To serve with grace and elegance in all that she does to meet my needs…


Master Don acknowledges and willfully accepts responsibility in totality for his tia’s mental, physical, emotional, social, financial, and spiritual well-being in addition to her continued security that is as humanly possible to provide.

Master Don is responsible always to do what is the highest good for his slave, whether they are together or separated. Master Don agrees to do what he can do within his realm of influence and capability to fulfill his responsibilities in this relationship.

As Master, and being responsible for my slave’s overall welfare, I therefore instruct her to meet her obligations to her biological family above my needs.

One of the primary focuses as a personal goal for my slave is to initiate, support and encourage personal growth in her life, both within and outside of the lifestyle community.

This will be accomplished while Master will train his slave to serve him to the utmost of his slave’s ability to perfection. The reasoning for this is so that both Master and slave may grow jointly together to better understand themselves both individually and as a couple, to better understand and communicate with each other as well as hone and develop their skills and abilities to perfection.

As Master, it is my responsibility to research, investigate, review, solicit and initiate any and all opportunities for training, growth and expandable enhancements that will benefit my slave’s service to me as well as foster and encourage her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.


In our Master/slave relationship under the House of Dai Bando, I expect my slave to perform her tasks the same way each and every time; this is the core basis of what defines a Protocol.

For my tia, following requests, directives, orders, commands or instructions combines many positive attributes, including faithful obedience, respect and dedication of her Master.

I expect tia to exhibit the attributes of honesty, respect and dedication.

1. Honesty: being honest at all times will maximize our understanding of one another. My tia will avoid passive aggressive behaviors as these combine two unattractive traits in most slaves: dishonesty and unwillingness to communicate directly.

2. Respect: it is required by both the Master and the slave to exhibit and embody a high level of respect for themselves, for their partner, for their Household and for their position within the local Lifestyle Community. Any disrespect, denigration, or inappropriate behavior or qualities that can bring disrespect towards any of these identified elements is unacceptable and grounds for punishment and/or separation from their position/status.

3. Dedication: by nature, this is destined to be an intense relationship thus it will take dedication and commitment to keep it going, keep it alive and keep it successful for both parties concerned.


One night per week will be designated as Training Night. This will be a time specifically designated whereby Master Don will devote a period of time to formal instruction or refreshment of a particular topic or series of topics in an area of our Master/slave dynamic.

The period of time for training may last anywhere from 15 minutes to over one hour but it will be done once per week until the Master is satisfied that his slave has been adequately trained by him to serve the purposes that he requires of his slave. The training day will be announced ahead of time but the date will be kept flexible to accommodate our varied schedules as well as other possible issues that may interfere with having a rigid set date (ex: munches, meetings, appointments, family issues, holidays, etc.).