House of the Alternative Collective


Household Description

The Alternative Collective is a real world 24/7, Poly, M/s House run by Mr. Eccentric, Sir Fluffy, and supported by various house members and servants.

There are currently 12 members in our house. We are open to all orientations and roles.

Our House is a dynamic, ever evolving environment. We, as a collective, are constantly looking to improve and grow in our journey. The backbone concept of our House is M/s dynamics. This means power exchange, obedience, submission, protocol, service, discipline and more.

It also means living by a set of rules and a code. In the Alternative Collective, play is wonderful but not the main priority. Our focus remains on personal growth through the responsible implementation of enduring power dynamics into our everyday lives.

Household Vision Statement

The Alternative Collective is a BDSM oriented house of like-minded and tempered individuals who exist in an ethical, harmonious, power exchange environment.

It is with the greatest care and passion for our lifestyle that we, the Alt Collective, have established this leather based house. It is our belief that practicing protocol and furthering lifestyle education is vital and allows us to have a greater sense of purpose in every aspect of our life, which allows members to reach their greatest potential in their chosen role.

We are educationally focused and seek to provide a favorable environment for learning and sharing best practices to help others of all roles and genders discover and explore on their individual journeys. To achieve this, we seek to serve the wants and needs of the Masters, slaves and entire House through the practice of protocol, personal growth, mental enrichment and the development of our crafts.

Our house does have a council mentality, and follow protocols, rules, and rituals, that are a mixture of styles that are suggested, voted on, then implemented. We are located in Southwest Idaho

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You can reach Sir Fluffy at

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