House of the Dove


Description of the Household

The House of the Dove is a place for those desiring to commune in a deliberately structured, Leather M/s, family-oriented, female-headed Household.


In this place, Master Toni shares her wisdom, experience, and life perspective with her slaves and takes responsibility for their development.


The slaves provide loving, consistent, and excellent service, and honor Master Toni by surrendering to her authority, guidance and correction.


The House of the Dove is a shared, intense and spiritual journey embedded within Leather values. Master Toni feels blessed that there are special women in her life that embrace her love and want to share in the positive energy, power and magic that surrounds this special place she calls the House of the Dove.


There is currently one slave living in the Household and one slave-in-training serving the Household long-distance.
Many slaves provide service on a part-time, temporary basis and visit the House of the Dove.
Because gender orientations are sometimes fluid, Master Toni does not limit participation in the Household to females or lesbians only.
However, Master Toni identifies as a Leatherdyke.


Vision Statement

The Vision of the House of the Dove lies in the daily practice of Leather values and in satisfying Master Toniís core needs.


Leather values include honesty, courage, excellence, loyalty, reliability, integrity, generosity, trustworthiness, and responsibility.


Her needs are represented in a four-part mantra that Master Toni and her slave(s) recite daily:

(1) May I/She be at Peace

(2) May I/She be a friend to my Body

(3) May I/She be liberated and

(4) May I/She live at ease.


This vision is reinforced by the protocols, rules and rituals of the Household.


 The Goals of the House of the Dove include:

To live our daily lives using the Leather values of integrity, impeccable honesty, responsibility, loyalty, and reliability.

To have the emotional courage to live our lives authentically as Master and slave(s) through openness, transparency, and honesty.

To strive for spiritual liberation within a healthy and peaceful daily existence.

To serve the Leather, M/s and leatherdyke communities by being a place for those to learn about the lifestyle and themselves, as well as serving our communities at large.


Household Documentation

There are a variety of protocols, rules and rituals followed in the House of the Dove. A Household manual is provided for those interested in serving the Household.

Master Toni does not follow a particular structural model.


Contact Information

Allentown, Pa area

No web address.

Master Toni can be contacted by writing her at

or on fetlife at MsToni.