The House of the Leather Scorpion

Description of the Household:

The House of the Leather Scorpion is a full time, real-life, pansexual poly M/s Leather Family and Household located in Denver, Colorado. Protocol and M/s hierarchy is practiced in the House 24/7/365. There are currently three members in the Family: Myself, Master Trent; slave kelendra who has been with me since September of 2008 and earned her permanent collar in October of 2009. slave trinity who joined my House in July of 2009 and is in a one year period of training and consideration. There is room and opportunity for one or possibly two more members of the House in the future. Our sexual orientation is that of a pansexual poly M/s Leather Family with less focus on sexual orientation and more focus on relationships as people.

Vision Statement:

The HLS is one household within a community of households and is open to those who drawn to M/s service based relationships in a structure that lives according to rule and high values. HLS is a service based Household which includes service to the Community.


The mission of the HLS is to practice and preserve our leather and protocol based culture while providing a support system for those around us and to be a positive influence and contributor to the Community.

Household Protocols, Rules and Rituals:

The Household is Protocol based, practicing low, mid and high protocol as appropriate for any current situation. Even in totally "vanilla" situations, our protocol and rules remain in place, however, presented in such a way as to be unnoticeable to the untrained eye.

Structural Model:

Our structure is somewhat Victorian although it is really based more in the tradition of a Leather House with leather value. There is a strict hierarchy and each slave has specific responsibilities to the Household and the Family.


Contact Information: