Household of Sir Larry (HSL)

Description of Household

Current size of your Household (how many members) - Currently two members

Identifies as a real time household

HSL is a full time household but HSL is open to part time servants and or slaves.

Gender orientation

All genders and trans folk can be considered. HSL does not discriminate and believes that diversity can enrich a households dynamic.

Vision Statement

HSL's mission statement is simple and direct. HSL's goal is to achieve self-empowerment and inner peace through the M/s lifestyle, the leather community and all it has to offer.

Household Goals

A small synopsis of the households goals: Through obedience, loyalty, integrity, honesty, communication and hard work by all involved in the household a greater knowledge of ones path can be discovered and fulfilled. When these components fall into place, honor, surrender, love, harmony, spirit and longevity in the household can be achieved.

Household Protocols, Rules and Rituals

Available on request

Structural Model

A blend of Monastic, Military, Corporate, School, Victorian, Gorean.

Physical Location

NY NJ Area

Web Address

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