Household of Sir W



My Household was founded in May, 2006. My real-time household currently contains myself and slave girl barbara and we reside together in Central New Jersey. While this is a full-time Household, part-time servants and/or slaves will be considered.

I identify as het-flexible male and consider My role as Master a spiritual calling, which requires a Masterís ability to serve as much as the slaves. Because sex and romantic love are not always a necessary part of M/s relationships in My Household, all sexual orientations and genders are welcome to serve.


Vision Statement

My desire is to attain and maintain a harmonious, nurturing and comforting environment by developing a firm connection based on trust, honor, respect and integrity. This Household will embody the spirit of devotion and commitment to service and members will demonstrate this by way of transparency, open communication, and a full expression of the heart in a Master/slave power exchange dynamic. With these guidelines, I hope to create an environment that supports peace, harmony and continued spiritual awakening.

Mission Statement

It is My mission to fashion a Master/slave Household using a well defined structure, practicing obedience, rituals, rules, discipline, protocol and hard work, in order to promote a safe and supporting consensual M/s environment. It is essential that these relationships and interrelationships within the Household remain healthy and stable in order to provide an opportunity for everyone to evolve in body, mind and spirit and achieve fulfillment of both personal and spiritual goals. It is also the mission of this Household to be a positive resource for the M/s community.


To remain cognizant of My surrender to a higher power. To recognize that I serve as an example to My slave(s), subsequently strengthening their trust in My ability to guide them appropriately, calling forth their slave hearts into willing surrender and devoted service. To maintain stability in fiscal, physical, spiritual, familial, and emotional matters.