Description of Household:

The Household of Master Tony was formally established in 2004 as a real life, 24/7 Master/slave Household after living in a 20+ years power exchange dynamic. Currently, the Household consists of Master Tony and his slave/wife, slave susan. Although additional members may be brought into service in the future, until such time as their remaining child is a legal adult, the Household will remain at two. Master Tony is a very dominant, heterosexual male; slave susan is a bisexual female. Sexual orientation is not a determining factor when it comes to accepting someone into service.

Vision Statement:

Master Tony runs His Household under the credo “Live well, laugh often, love much”. The Household is ruled by Master Tony in a steady, if somewhat unconventional, style. All current and future members will be cared for and taught in a loving, but controlled atmosphere.

Work ethic and education are always encouraged.

Household Goals:

Fulfillment of both the Master and His slaves through the cultivation of obedience and the growth of all individuals in the Household – both slaves and Master.

Household Protocols, Rules and Rituals:

Available upon request.

Structural Model

Master Tony does not follow a specific structural model ; however, Master Tony’s military training colors his Mastering style to an extent.

Physical location:

Central New Jersey

Contact Info:

Preferred Household contact is through slave susan, the Household correspondence secretary, at

Master Tony can be reached directly at