Household of Karen, Dr. Bob, and mindi


Household Description:

Our Household currently consists of three primary, three ancillary members

Identify your Household as a real or a virtual Household:

Very real

Do you maintain it as a full time or part time Household?

Full time

Gender Orientation:

Our Household is comprised of two females and one male. Karen is Head of Household. We are all (unfortunately) straight. (Worse, we're all switches, a fact that often confuses the natives.)

Vision Statement:

We are committed to outreach. On a personal level, that means serving as Guides for those interested in the Leather Lifestyle. On a broader scale, it means writing books and publishing Power Exchange Magazine.

Household Goals:

Our Household goals focus upon education and growth. Specifically, experiencing new environments (moving and/or traveling) and different regional differences within the Leather culture.

Household Protocols, Rules and Rituals:

Our Household protocols and rituals are thoroughly described my books: Protocol Handbook for the Leather slave: Theory and Practice -- or the female version of the same book: Protocol Handbook for the Female slave

Do you follow a structural model?

Our Family's structure uses elements of corporate and military management styles. We dine, nightly, in military uniform fetish using formal military dining protocols -- with a few kinky twists to keep it fun.

Physical location:

Austin, Texas

Web address:

Additional contact info: