Household of Lady Elaina - The Unicorn Household

Description of Household

The Unicorn Household follows a spiritual M/s path. And celebrates the differences among us; embracing them. We strive for increasing perfection, knowing it can not be acheived, but that the quest itself is worthwile. Service to others, regardless of orientation, is important. Unicorns may be as mythical as an M/s switch, but we believe.

The Unicorn Household is a full-time, real (vs. virtual), Lifestyle Household.

Gender Orientation


Current size of Household

Three at this time

Vision Statement

To continue to learn to be less egoic, more tolerant, more humble, and improve as entities, allowing the joy and peace within to be more and more of who we are consciously. And to do what we can to help others seeking a similar path.

Household Goals

Kindness, excellence, obedience, growth, spiritual awareness, fulfillment...the ongoing pursuit of perfection.

Household Protocols, Rules and Rituals

Protocols: daily contact, and the proper form of address at all times. For myself the choices are : Lady Elaina, Milady, or M'am. Shoes are removed upon entering my home. For each individual, the appropriate rulesets are put into place.

Household Model

The closest model would be a Corporate one. I'm the CEO, and the rest fit in a structure underneath me, according to their length of service and the quality thereof. The alpha slave will sometimes be required to take charge of the others, and delegate as required. Should a corporate merger take place, there would have to be a restructuring, of course. Essentially, if the applicant shows quality, sincerity, intelligence and is pro-active regarding their service, they will get attention. If one is sufficiently pleasing, ownership will happen at some point.

Physical Location

Bay Ridge, NY, and NJ near Philadelphia

Web Address

Additional contact info or