Madam So's Household of Vicissitudes

Household Description and Size

The House of Vicissitudes is a real full time M/s & D/s House migrating from Dallas to the Rockies in 2012. Current household size is three females, Madam So, lopsi, and slave boi tig. Gender identity may vary with growth or by member. Two currently identify as queer.

Vision Statement

The vision of this house is to bring knowledge to the unenlightened seekers through information exchanges in a personal and comfortable setting; To love each other without fail; To hold together the values we’ve come to hold dear; To support the empathic/wiccan/pagan, and LGBQ communities.

Household Goals

This household seeks to promote love and acceptance amongst its members and throughout our society.

Household Protocols, Rules and Rituals

Behavior must always reflect respect for the household and for all living beings.

All will respect that others may have beliefs formed before entering the household, and that minds must be opened gently.

Transparency and the desire to serve are required.

Humor and excellent follow-through will be well rewarded.

All members must contribute to the betterment of the household.

Each evening, each slave/submissive member will kneel before Madam and receive the day’s pride.

Household Model

Corporate/Pagan/Shaman blended model using a firm but loving support

Head of Household

Madam So, Daddi to the boi and girl

Physical Location

From Dallas, TX to Canon City, CO

Contact info

Madam So