Master Taino’s Leather Family

Master Taíno's Leather Family was founded in 2000 and several slaves have been members of our Household through the years.

Most members have been 24/7 live-in slaves.

Currently the Household includes Master Taíno and his property:

The Family also includes:

slave tommy (+2001) and slave david (+2014) are eternal members

Our Leather Family is very diverse and includes members from all racial and ethnic backgrounds as well as all sexual orientations and gender identity.

The household is also seeking a live-in Junior Master to assist Master Taíno.

The philosophy of the household is "Dominant and caring", a short way of expressing that the Household is ruled under the control of the Head of the Household but in a very caring, nurturing and loving environment.

Our Leather Family is committed to providing, and supporting, educational opportunities within the Master/slave Community. All members of the Household and many of the extended family are part of Master Taíno's educational endeavor: MTTA, Inc. a non-profit organization which runs the Master / slave Conference and the MTTA Academy, among other programs.

Master Taíno also offers summer internship for college students, or others with summer or extended time off, to join the Household and learn about the Master/slave dynamic.

The Household is located in Springfield, Virginia, just 12 miles south of Washington DC.

The website of the household is:

Master Taino can be contacted at