The Order for Discipline and Service


ODS is a real time household currently comprised of one Master and one slave.

All slaves are considered full time slaves whether or not they are in residence; with the expectation that they will reside with the Master as soon as circumstances permit.

The Household is currently heterosexual but is open to all orientations.

Vision Statement

ODS will be open to those who experience a call to either command or service in the context of slavery and who subscribe to our beliefs and practices. ODS will be a structured and disciplined body that lives according to rule. ODS will strive to become a source for guidance, education, and support services for personal service practitioners.

Household Goals

To ensure that our daily activities are infused with the actualization of command and service. To ensure that command and slavery are central to our lives rather than an adjunct to it. To ensure that we have stability in fiscal, physical, familial, and emotional matters.

Protocols, Rules, and Rituals

Our household protocols, rules, and rituals are available on our website,

Structural Model

We believe that personal service is a vocation practiced in the framework of consensual slavery. Our structural model is a combination of the military and the monastic. Personal service is similar to a religious order in the context of obedience, submission, and service. Personal service is similar to military service in the context of the responsibilities of command.


ODS is currently located in suburban Virginia, approximately 25 miles southwest of Washington, D.C. However, we are seeking to relocate to a more rural setting within the next two years.