Rumpus Parable's House

Household Description and Size

Currently two members - Rumpus Parable, owner, Chael, slave. This is a real/physical household.  Full-time.  Genders - Rumpus Parable, female and genderless.  Chael, male and a man.  Other slaves are usually males who are men.

Vision Statement

Vision Statement - Continued personal growth, good communication, openness to new things, and treating Rumpus like a rockstar.

House Goals

Again, personal growth.  Becoming more spiritual and knowledgeable people, ahimsa, trying new things, traveling the world, dealing well with chronic injuries and illness, and just enjoying life together as a couple or as a group.

Household Protocols

Protocols and rules vary depending on the slave and my relationship with them.  Only universal rules:  Obedience and Service are musts.  Communicate respectfully even when strong emotions are involved.  Honesty required.  Specific to Chael:  dietary control (vegan, water intake, etc), regular exercise, only allowed other partners on my permission, must give me a massage of my chosen part of body each day unless given permission to put it off til the next day when he must do a double.  We have a ordering me untried-dishes protocol due to my being a picky eater.  Other day to day things.


Structure - Nothing specific in the examples given for this.  Rather, it is very much a Rockstar/assistant model in my house.  I am the Rockstar, all others are assistants.  When there are multiple slaves Chael is primary but not in charge of the others.  I alone maintain control/power.

Physical Location

Currently Central Texas, soon to be NYC

Website - Not an official House Website, but my personal site regarding being in my Female Led Relationships... day to day life with Chael (and any others) and what actually occurs in our house, thoughts on the subject, etc.

Contact info

I am reachable at or as RumpusParable on Fetlife and CollarMe and over the web.  Chael can be reached through me.  His contact with others is not controlled, he's simply rarely on any social site and doesn't like to get random emails from strangers.