Service Returned

Description of Household

Service Returned is our Leather Family. It is a real household where the Mistress and Sir live M/s 24/7 and the submissive comes to serve when she can though her submission is 24/7 even when apart. The Family has no specific gender orientation..

Vision Statement

Service to the community was one of the first things we were taught by the Leather Community in Atlanta. We in Service Returned feel strongly that it is our responsibility to pay forward for all those who assisted and mentored us along our journey into M/s. The premise that it took effort from several people to get one started and moving along his/her path and that effort created a debt on that person which was to be paid forward by helping others along their path is a very strong drive in our family. It is a cornerstone of our Leather values and indeed in our lives outside the Leather community. Service Returned supports Southern Louisiana’s Lifestyle Communities.

Household Goals

To train and mentor those for whom Service is a calling from the heart and spirit. To educate members of the Southern Louisiana Lifestyle communities about the Leather Lifestyle as we were taught by our Mentors and Leather Leaders.

Household Protocols, Rules and Rituals

Family Protocols, Rules and Rituals are designed to reinforce the Service side of the M/s lifestyle. To further our members along their path to the actualization of their Service hearts and spirits.

Structural Model

Service Returned is a Leather family with two Dominants (Mistress, Sir). The Sir has chosen to be in service to the Mistress. A female submissive is collared to the Sir and in service to the Mistress.

Physical Location

Acadiana (South Western Louisiana)

Contact Info