House of Talonstar

Description of Household

The House of Talonstar is a real time Master slave household located in western NY ( Rochester NY area). Currently my household consists of, Myself and My alpha slave. My slave and I identify as a Lesbian Master and slave couple. However, it is My feeling that gender or sexual orientation does not exclude one from My household. My household identifies as a leather household with a hieratical approach and structure

Vision Statement

It is my vision to create a Master slave household that is rooted in the ideals of trust, honor, respect, integrity and a sense of duty (both to master and to community.) In addition it is my vision is to create a Master slave household that embodies the spirit of devotion, commitment to service, excellence and the true heart of the Master slave dynamic. It is for those slaves that have made slavery a calling of the heart mind, body and spirit. They must be fully functioning adults. My household is not a place for those looking to escape taking personal responsibility. Lastly My household is for those who understand and can demonstrate a proficiency in the area of the prime directives.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of this household to provide a safe supportive nurturing and structured environment for those adults who are dedicated to living the Master slave dynamic. It is also the mission of this household to be a positive resource for the M/s community.

Additional information

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Contact information

Mistress Suzan:

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