Registered Households

Battalion Household

Bjorn's Iron Clan

Castle Treue

DK Leather Family

Finch Den

House 13

House Artemis

House Dai Bando

House Metta

House of Aquila

House of Blue

House of Decorum

House of Fire

House of KAOS

House of 0

House of Shaman

House of Spirituality

House of Talonstar

House of the Alternative Collective

House of the Dove

House Port of Heart

Household of Karen, Dr. Bob and mindi

Household of Lady Elaina - The Unicorn Household

Household of Master Steve

Household of Master Tony

Household of Sir Larry

Household of Sir Stephen

Household of Sir W

Madam So's Household of Vicissitudes

Master Taino's Leather Famliy

Order for Discipline and Service

Realm of the Purple Rose

RP House

Service Returned

The House of the Leather Scorpion

The House of the Phoenix Dragon

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