The purpose of this site is to give those who have formed, and maintained, a Master/slave Household a place to provide some useful information about their Household, their structures, and their beliefs.

In turn, this will provide an opportunity for those who are interested in forming their own Household, or joining an existing Household, the chance to compare, in one location, snapshots of many different Households. It is our hope that this exposure to a variety of opinions, options, philosophies, and structures will be an aid to them as the proceed down their chosen path in the Master slave lifestyle.

Listings are intended for informational and instructional purposes.

They are not intended as personal ads nor as a recruitment tool.

As such, pictures will not be presented with the listings, nor will requests for additional Household members, other than to note that your Household is closed to new applicants or might consider new applicants as needed.

If links are supplied to Household websites, or email addresses are included, we will leave them in the listing as a means for people interested in learning more about your Household to contact you.


We suggest that you include all, or some, of the information below:

  1. Household Name
  2. Description of Household
  1. Vision Statement
  2. Household Goals
  3. If applicable, your Household Protocols, Rules and Rituals
  4. Do you follow a structural model, if so, which one: Monastic, Military, Corporate, School, Victorian, Gorean, a blend of some of the above, none of the above, or other?
  5. Your physical location (street address is not required; country, state, or province is sufficient)
  6. Web address
  7. Additional contact info (email, etc.)

To submit your Household Description, please send Word documents with the content that you would like to have included to:

This site is intended for adults only.

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